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I'm considering studying a degree after withdrawing for personal reasons 19 yrs ago, I live in Wigan so would be able to access Liverpool, John Moores Bolton, Manchester or Edge Hill. My daughter attends Edge Hill and I'm impressed with their facilities and teaching although we'd be in different faculties. Does any1 that's a mature student at any of above Unis find age a barrier or have any recommendations or advice, most of the courses I'm interested in are very similar so I'm more concerned with teaching levels, graduate employment stats for mature students and commuting distance on public transport, any advice would be useful thankyou ia
Hello there!

I am currently a mature student in my final year of pharmacy school at LJMU. There are other mature students in my program as well so it did not feel like I was alone. The educators are very understanding and accommodating based on the students needs. I have also noticed that LJMU has many mature students so hopefully you won't face any difficulties. In terms of commuting there is a train station that is a walking distance to the LJMU campus.

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