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Advance Higher English Dissertation

I'm doing Advance Higher English at school, but I'm unsure about what book to choose for my Dissertation.
I'm thinking of maybe doing Captain Corellie's Mandolin, but I'm unsure what sort of thing I can write about it yet.
I'm also wondering, is Les Miserables a suitable book to use for Dissertation?
I need a little help in. Opinions or more book recommendations? Thank you! :smile:
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are you only doing one big book? I've heard its really hard to do it on one single book and it has to be a large text so you might be better trying to books of moderate size that you can compare, doesn't have to be similar overall theme just a similar genre or time setting etc. Les Miserables might be allowed yeah if it is of literary merit or if it's from a well respected author then it will be allowed. Good Luck!

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