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Football Questions

Do girls care if your extremely good at football?
Do women at park care if your extremely good at football?
If I do sick skills at park will people care?
If there any reason to ask these or is it just stupid?
I am a bit sad because i love football for fun and im just like 6.9/10 but I want to be like those guys who are sick and really good. But on the other hand im playing for enjoyment because i know i will never be pro or on a team and i dont want to be.
So any help?
Some might, some might not. Do you care if someone is very good at lacrosse or if someone is very good at rugby? People kind of keep to themselves most of the time, its not stupid to ask but most people really only focus on themself and their friends. Just keep practicing and practicing and youll get better, compound exercises in the gym to improve mind muscle connection, resistance bands and such. If you do cool skills that someone who dosen't watch football will find entertaining, sure people will care but they will most likely care to watch for a minute or two and that'll be it. Do what you enjoy and don't care too much about how others feel about it
ahh okay fine then thanks a lot for your info and help.

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