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Choosing multiple courses at the same University.

When a University reviews all applications for say Economics, do they look at an overall intake or intake per specific course.

ie Is there value in applying for an Economics BSc and Economics & Finance at the same University when the courses are fairly similar aside a couple of mandatory modules.

Could one course be more under prescribed than another or do Economics department have one overall quota for all their courses. Likewise, do you maximise your chances of getting in a certain University but applying for multiple courses in a department.

Is there a specific university that you are considering doing this?

Generally applying for multiple courses at one university is more likely to damage your chances of an offer not improve them
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Think this one was specifically at Exeter, though looking at mandatory and optional modules available, was similar at several other universities.

Thanks for the feedback, i know UCAS says you can apply for multiple courses at the same Uni, though wasn't sure what the benefit of this would be, compared to the risk of maybe only selecting 4 rather than 5 University options.
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