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Preparing for an Open Day

Attending an open day at the University of Chester is an excellent opportunity to gather information, explore the campus, and interact with staff and students. Here are some questions to prepare for your open day:

General Questions:
What programs and courses does the University offer?
What are the entry requirements for the courses I'm interested in?
Can you tell me about the campus facilities, such as libraries, labs, sports facilities, and student support services?
Are there any study abroad or exchange programs available?
What is the student-to-faculty ratio?
How diverse is the student body?
What is the university's approach to supporting students' mental health and well-being?

What are the accommodation options available for first-year students?
Are there any specific accommodation facilities for international students?
How do I apply for on-campus accommodation, and what are the costs?
Employability and Careers:
How does the university support students in their career development and employability?
Are there opportunities for work placements or internships?
Can you provide examples of successful alumni and their career paths?

Teaching and Learning:
What teaching methods and technologies are used in the classrooms?
How much personal tutor support do students receive?
Are there opportunities for undergraduate research or involvement in faculty-led projects?

Student Life:
What is the social scene like on campus?
Are there student clubs, societies, or sports teams that I can join?
How does the university promote a sense of community and belonging?
Financial Support:
What scholarships or bursaries are available, and how do I apply for them?
What are the tuition fees, and are there any additional costs I should be aware of?

Campus Safety:
How does the university ensure the safety of its students on campus?
Are there security measures in place, such as emergency call boxes or a campus escort service?

Academic Support:
Is there academic support available for students who may need additional help?
Are there tutoring or mentoring programs?

Facilities for Specific Interests:
If you have particular interests, such as sports, music, or arts, ask about relevant facilities or clubs available.

Remember to make a list of questions specific to your interests and needs. Additionally, take advantage of the opportunity to speak with current students and faculty members to get a firsthand perspective on university life at Chester. If you can think of anymore questions, pop them below :smile: Enjoy your open day!
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Ask about the typical contact hours you'll receive on a course. :yep:

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