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How to Support Your Child at an Open Day:

University open days are a pivotal moment in any students’ life as they give a glimpse of what their university life will entail. As exciting as this may be for your child, it could also get anxiety inducing. As parents, your support and guidance can have a significant role to ensure your child gets the most out of their open day.

Let’s use this thread to share any questions and discussions regarding the topic, let me start with tips some parents have found useful:

1) Attend Open Days: Going to an Open Day can help you gain valuable insights into how you can support your child during their time at university. Additionally, you can learn more about housing, financial aid and other important aspects.

2) Researching: Depending on your child’s chosen universities, spend some time jotting down important dates of programs the university has to offer for prospect students and parents. Some universities may have additional online seminar sessions on top of the in-person open days, keep an eye for the online sessions as they may be more tailored to your child’s course. Taking the time to research beforehand also gives you the opportunity to prepare some questions you may have.

3) Be Open-minded: It’s innate for all parents to want the absolute best for your child, it’s essential that you keep an open mind and maintain an encouraging attitude. Although your child’s interest may not align with yours, it’s important to be considerate of their aspirations and to respect their decision.

Open days may just be the beginning of your child’s university journey, but you will continue your role as a supportive parent throughout their academic journey.

I hope you find these few tips useful. We have a more in-depth and elaborate list of supportive tips you can find here.

All the best!
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