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Who are you most proud of?

At TSR, our message this Results Day is to #BeResultsProud - however things turned out, you are more than your grades and everyone has faced their own challenges to get to where they are. :yep:

In the spirit of that message, why not celebrate someone in your own life who has shown resilience or bravery, overcome obstacles (big or small), and made you proud? :smile: It can be anyone for anything! Who in your life has won your admiration? Who in your life has made you most proud? :h:
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:tsr: invites you to #BeResultsProud this year. Please share this hashtag all over social media. If you wish, tag The Student Room too (find the handles at the bottom of the page). Find out more about this campaign here.
I'm going to be really soppy and cheesy, but one of the people who always make me proud is @CoolCavy I first met her when we were both in first year. We'd been friends for a little bit before then, and she is still one of the most intelligent people I've ever met. :blushing:

She has overcome, and continues to overcome a ridiculous number of barriers personally and professionally and it's honestly inspiring to watch her muddle through and be alright in the end. :heart:

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