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Awkward!!! Walked in on my friend having sex

I'm so embarrassed and feel awkward, last night at a party I walked into the bathroom and saw my friend having sex with this guy, they didn't lock the door so after I opened it she yelled can't you have knocked and now she's not talking to me, how do I fix this?
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Breeze through it and be just the same as you were before (pretend it hadn't happened) This is their issue not yours.
What would you expect at a party? You can't fix it, you can't un-see the event. So the misplaced outburst toward you is offloading her embarrassment, and in her eyes it's your fault - so will you just accept that? !!!!!

Let it pass and just be as you were before the event. If your friend won't talk to you that is her loss not yours, everything settles eventually. Advice - do not blab about this anywhere.
Isn't your problem to solve & pretty obvious someone was going to walk in. Just laugh it off
Banging in toilets, classy. Tbh she should be apologising to you for having witnessed such behaviour.

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