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Music and Engineering degree course help!

Hi Everyone,

My brother is looking at applying to university to start in 2024. He likes both music performance and engineering (not sound engineering more along the lines of robotics, mechanical and electronic engineering). He's going to apply to conservatoires to study the piano but also wants to apply to a joint music and engineering degree. The problem is he can't really find anywhere that does that option. Does anyone have any suggestions of university's that do run a course along those lines. He's open to study abroad but if there's a uni in the UK that has what he wants that would be perfect. We found Northwestern university in Illinois which had a programme that he really liked the look of and wondered if there was anything similar elsewhere as well. If you have any ideas it would be much appreciated!

It’s pretty rare for engineering to be dual honours with any degrees, let alone not aligned/industry similar.

I suspect he’ll have to choose music or engineering for a degree. That said he could do an engineering degree & join music performance related societies whilst at university.

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