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Online University Degree?

Hi all, I am hoping to start a computer science / Computing & IT degree at the beginning of 2024.

I work as a Web developer full time, and have a family so looking to study part time.

I am UK based, but would like to study online.

I am very interested in the Open Universities Computing & IT degree focusing on Software engineering/development but not 100% sure if this is the best route.
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Hi mate. Open University is a good option to enable you to study around your other commitments. Have you also looked at part time courses at your local university? Some will allow part time students to study one day a week, allowing you to work the other days (I did my Computer Science degree with Wolverhampton University that way), and some may even do blocks of study - one week at Uni followed by time at home to complete assignments (I did my Masters in Software Engineering that way). Your employer may even give you some time off to attend Uni - it depends where you work and whether they see the benefit of your study. I was fortunate as was in the RAF when I was studying, and they supported me by giving me day release to complete my degree. I also had a young family, and so it is 'doable'! Good luck with whichever route you take.
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Hi @danboyden98

The University of Essex Online is an institution that offers part-time online degrees. I have been studying with them for the past three years and 6 months and they have been accommodative in several ways. As an online student I am required to dedicate 15-20 hours per week towards my studies. Meaning if I have a busy week, I can always catchup on weekends. I also appreciate how my university has a team of advisors and tutors who are always hands on.

The University of Essex Online offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Computing and IT. The courses range from CPD Microcredentials in Computing to a Masters (MSc) in Data Science. The courses cover topics such as cyber security, cloud operations, and artificial intelligence.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. You can also directly contact the university at [email protected] and a staff member will be more than happy to assist you.

Best wishes,
Minkateko - University of Essex Online Student Ambassador

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