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I will be starting my MSc in Physiotherapy (pre-registration) at Birmingham City University in January. 2 questions regarding accommodation:

1. I'm mainly thinking about moving into halls as I don't know anyone else at the university. I'll be studying at the south campus but if my undergrad experience is anything to go by I'll be spending a lot of time at the library which is in the centre so I wouldn't mind living nearer there. Does anyone have recommendations for halls blocks for either campus and are there any places I should definitely avoid? I'd prefer to stick to less expensive blocks if possible.

2. Are there any accommodation blocks that have a high proportion of older students? the accommodation I lived in during undergrad had a wider mix of students age-wise afaict and a lot of postgraduates. I'll be nearly 23 when I start so I'd rather live somewhere where not everyone is straight from sixth form (no offense to younger users ofc)
Hey @ArtisticScreech

I'm not a Master's student but I thought I'd try to answer your questions as much as possible.

We do have a library at our City South campus that you'll be able to study in, but you can also study at our City Centre one! A lot of students who study at City South do choose to live in the City Centre as it's close to amenities and it's a short commute by bus or by train to City South.

I can't say which of our accommodation blocks is more popular for postgraduate or older students, but our accommodation team may know and be able to help you.

Birmingham has a huge postgraduate community so may also be worth looking on Facebook and other house-sharing sites for other postgraduate students that are looking for someone to share a private flat or houseshare.

I hope that helps :smile:
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