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Best Revision Techniques

Flash cards, mind maps, past exam questions. I’m sure you’ve tried them all. Sometimes they work brilliantly, and sometimes they don’t it’s all about finding the best technique that works for you.

My personal favourite method combines mind maps and the blurting method.

I like to make a detailed mind map with colour and images about a topic. I take my time with this and try to absorb the information as I go. Then once the mind map is finished, I’ll put it away out of sight, set a timer for 10 minutes and try to write down as much as I can remember about the topic on some scrap paper.

Check your answers afterwards and you’ll be able to see what you remembered well, and what areas need more work. You can add your mind maps to your walls and keep revisiting the material each week. I love using mind maps with images as I can visually remember the mind map and where the information is located on the map.

This method might not be for everyone, but why not give it a go?

Share your favourite revision techniques in the thread and maybe you’ll find a new method you love!

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Good luck revising!
Emily :smile:
Student Rep at BCU

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