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Btech confusion

My btech results aren’t the best but I don’t know if I have done enough to go to uni next year as I don’t understand the grading. I got a merit in Applied Biology a pass in Digitial Media and in Level 3 Criminology I got a C a B and another C with an overall C. So basically I got a Merit, a Pass and I have no idea how to work out Criminology or how to calculate the points. I wanted ideally to do Psychology and Criminology next year but not sure I’ve achieved enough
Hey @Footyfan05 - well done! Have you seen this on the UCAS website?

It might help you to understand what your grades convert into in terms of UCAS points. The best advice I can give to you is to try checking that out and have a good chat with your teachers to talk about next steps. I'm confident there will be a way forward for you, wishing you all the very best of luck!

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