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Would it be alright to email a uni about this?

I'm apologising in advance for sounding immodest. I did fairly well on exams, but was about a grade behind for each subject for my firm and instead got my clearance.
My firm was oxford.
I really put my full effort into studying, I learned all the content, I was doing great in class and was often the person people would ask for help because I knew the stuff, despite this I consistantly got worse grades than my classmates because my exam technique is garbage, as in, I'll look at a question and the answer seperately, understand them seperatly, but I just can't process how I was meant to know I needed those exact phrases, no matter how hard I laboured to memorise them. I don't know if it's because my family has a history of neurodivergency but in all my years studying it's always been an issue, it's like im not reading the same thing everyone else is.
I want to bring this up to oxford to ask them to reconsider, because, well, it hurts a bit that I know all this stuff and all that, I'm happy I got in somewhere else but I love learning, research, oxford would have been such a good place for me and I want to give it one last go. I do well on essays and multiple choice it's just the questions where they're looking for key bullet points. But I'm not sure if it'd be rude or inappropriate and I'm not sure what I'd say anyways because I'm not bringing up the potential of neurodivergency (trying to avoid a potentially detrimental diagnosis stigma since I can function in everyday life pretty well) but just saying "I'm actually smart pls believe me" is obviously a little... stupid.
I did end up with an offer from them, I just failed at the last hurdle.
Realistically, there is no chance they will reconsider you. That may be blunt, but if they had to revisit everyone that missed their offer and wanted a chance anyway, their admissions process would be unmanageable. From what you've said you don't have documentted mitigating circumstances in any case, (and if you did, I think Oxbridge has a deadline for submitting them).

I would focus your efforts on your current place rather wasting time on an email.and holding out hope.

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