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so i may have forgotten to book some work experience for the holidays since i was away for most of it and the end of the holidays is slowly nearing and i haven't got any work experience yet. does anyone have any tips for finding dentistry work experience and what to include in my cv (i have no idea what to write in it). tyy
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So I may have forgotten???
More like the holidays seemed more exciting and were your priority, and you didn’t realise how hard it is to get work experience.
The only thing I can suggest is to start by a visit to your own family’s dentist and ask if they can let you shadow a dentist and the assistants for a week or two. If this fails email, visit and phone any practice that is within commuting distance of your home.
Does your local hospital have an emergency dental unit? You could try there as well.
It is hard to get experience for medical degrees whether it be medicine, dentistry or vet, so it’s a good test and sign of how motivated a candidate really is. You still have time before applications have to be made and even just Saturdays once you’re back at school is better than nothing so give it your best shot!
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when i call or go in person, i've heard that people give CVs to the people there? do i need to do that, and if so, what am i meant to include in that cv
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Unless you have already had a part time job your CV will be centred on your academic achievements, your interest in dentistry and your personality that you may be able to illustrate through your participation in extra curriculars and supra curricula activities.
This might help

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