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Working in the media of sports

I am 15 years old (Year 11) currently (2023) and am looking into working in the Sports Media Sector. I have a big passion for football (both mens and womens but I know more about womens), for social media and for photography. Due to my passions I think a career in this sector would be really great. However, I live in the countryside and so I am away from big cities like London, Manchester etc, which means that the knowledge of the media sector and the sports industry (down here) is not very good. I would really appreciate any help or advice from anyone and if anyone could answer my questions below I would really appreicate it!

-How do you get into the media sector (particularly sport)?
-What GCSEs and ALevels are helpful for a higher chance?
-Is it better to get experience before?
-How hard is it to get into the industry?
-Would I have to stay at college/ VI Form or could I do an apprenticeship up country?
-Would I have to move up country if I want to pursue a career in the media sector of the Sports Industry?

(If any of you have gone into this)- how do you get started? do you create blogs?, take photos of sport games you watch?, create content on social media?

Any tips, tricks, answers or advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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