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IB Maths AI SL or Maths AA SL?

I'm not exactly sure what I want to study at uni but probably something more towards the humanities/social sciences. I am however taking Economics SL and if I enjoy it might want to study it at uni. If I'm looking to keep my options open, taking AA would probably be better but at the same time I'd like to have an easier subject to help increase my IB overall score (out of 45).

Any advice?
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There are subject requirements to study Economics, and it tends to be rather competitive too. Typically HL Math AA and some universities have a hard requirement of a 7, and min 6 in HL Econs. Do study the entry requirements for some universities so that you have a good idea of whether your current subject combination meets application requirements.
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I’m sorry but you can’t choose your IB subjects without a particular career path already in mind. If you know you want to do humanities take AI SL, don’t waste your time on a subject you don’t need. Most unis want HL maths for economics so make sure you carefully looked through the requirements.

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