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I am going into my final year at uni but I feel like I haven’t experienced a lot

I am going to my final year at uni in September and have been there for three years now. I feel like despite that I haven't been too social or done much outside my expected lessons and work. I also commute so as interesting as living on campus would be I can’t do it.

What are some thing that I should definitely experience while am still at uni?

And how can I be more social? I do sometimes speak to my course mates, but not a ton. I also help run a society, but I feel like I don’t talk much to the people within it. I think I suck at being interesting and having things to talk about.

Also Is it normal to not to speak to anyone outside of class and society time? I don’t do that unfortunately:frown:

I’m not sure if the question is stupid or not, but I want to try and maximise my experience during my final year, like trying to do really good on some of my assessments instead of decent and put more time into study and practical tasks related to my course.

Basically does anyone have any tips to make the most out of your final year to make it really memorable as opposed to the decent, but not particularly memorable other years?
As you enter your final year of university, make the most of your time by engaging in diverse experiences beyond coursework. Network with professors and peers, explore your city, and prioritize self-care. Challenge yourself by attending events outside your comfort zone and seeking mentorship. Reflect on your journey, capture memories, and excel academically. Enhance your social skills by engaging in conversations, participating in shared activities, and practicing active listening. Embrace this chance to create meaningful and lasting memories in your final year.

Going into your third year, you do need to prioritise finishing well. I can understand that you want to make the most of the university experience, but be careful that this does not come at the expense of your studies. You don't want to regret not doing as well as you could because you were too busy trying to re-create first year!

You said that you help to run a society, well, that means that you have definitely been doing something outside of your studies : )! Can you organise more social events? Can you open them up so that more people can attend whether they're members or not? Can you try and build better or stronger relationships with the people you run the society with? You have one thing in common the theme of your society so you should be able to talk about that and as you talk more, you will hopefully find other things that you have in common. Could you meet up and hang out more on the weekends? Could you meet up for brunch? Could you travel together?

You can ask people on your course, if they want to grab a coffee at the coffee shop after a lecture or seminar. You could try and eat lunch with different people on your course. You could invite people from your course to one of your society events.

You said that you want to do better in your assessments. You could arrange study groups. You could meet at the library and then do lunch or dinner afterwards, so you are getting to know people better and forming deeper and stronger friendships.

If there is a society that you wanted to try but didn't try it, go this year. If you want to meet more people outside of your course, go to more events.

Think about what would make a great third year for you and then try and take practical steps.

All the best,

Oluwatosin 2nd year student University of Huddersfield

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