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Starting an online clothing business!

Hi all, I am in the process of starting an online business I have got the business idea in place however I am at the stage before I can start buying the domain etc I need to find a business name and I am looking for ideas. My business is going to be selling apparel and accessories. I am aiming my business to be for going out / night wear. and also aimed at raves & festivals. I am struggling with coming up with the name. I have got a few ideas however I want them to be professional and catchy.

If anyone has any ideas which they would like to put forward that would be greatly appreciated <3
That's great you're creating your own business. Congratulations, hope all goes well.

As regards to the name, YOU should think of that. After all, this is your business and if this is a huge success for you, you'd feel better knowing you were the one who created the name and not someone who gave a suggestion in a forum lol.

But good luck!

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