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controlling dad

hey, I'm 16 and going to college next year (UK)

my dad has been yelling at me telling me that I have to wear formal business attire to my college interview, I disagreed, saying I just need to dress nicely (leggings, shirt and a jacket) as the college meeting is for them to meet *me* not someone who isn't me. this resulting in a huge argument, with my dad saying that I shouldn't dress like that as I have to "sell myself" and "not look like a bag of sh*t"

anyway, I bought myself a dress and blazer online for this interview, dressing as my dad says I should be. I tried them on and I loved them, I felt confident and comfortable. however when I've shown my dad he has once again shouted at me, saying that I don't need to wear that at all, and that I should just wear jeans and a jacket. and I'm being made to take the clothes back.
whenever I buy clothes, if my dad doesn't like them I don't get to have them, and now I'm just really confused as to what I should do.

am I the one in the wrong here, and any advice?
thanks 🩷🩷
It sounds like your father is an overbearing idiot.
I hope that he has no history of violence or other criminal behaviour.

Just quietly nod along to his nonsense while you have to keep living in his property.
Then change into the outfit that you want to wear when you are out of his sight and so far away from his local area that he won't know.
Good luck with the college interview!

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