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UOL Room Swap 2023-2024

I have a Standard Single Plus at Eleanor Rosa (264 p/w), self-catered, 51 weeks. I will like to swap for something closer to the main UCL campus, I am willing to pay the difference.
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I have a small single at Bonham Carter, 50 weeks, £11618.21, self catered, 20 min walk from LSE, 7 min walk from UCL. You can see the room on UoL website. I want to swap this room for a 40 week contract instead. My budget is less than £240 per week, catered or non-catered, single room preferred but shared ensuite also works. Within a 30 min walk from LSE. Slightly urgent, please do get back to me!
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Hi! I am looking for someone to take over my contract at Eleanor Rosa - 50 week - 264 per week. Ensuite single plus. I can also swap, I’m willing to pay the difference

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