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which medince school should i apply to

ok thanks for ur advice
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Try Aston, Keele or Sunderland if you've done some volunteering
Presuming that what you have said is valid, you have no chance of getting into any medical universities for 2023 entry.
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Original post by AmrSALEM
which highly ranked unis care least about ucat

Cardiff and UCLan don't (note that both these unis are quite competitive at interview stage). Also try looking at BMAT unis (oxford, cambridge, imperial, UCL, brighton and sussex, lancaster)
I'm going to say this once and once only. You can't reapply to medicine for the next academic year with a UCAT score taken in a previous academic year. I hope this makes it clear to you that you cannot possibly get into medicine without taking the UCAT or BMAT again. Also, standards are rigorous for the admissions tests as Medicine is a course that is highly competitive across the board. I recommend you take a step back, reconsider if you want to study medicine, and reapply the following year with a new admissions test.
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