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What does it mean if you like someone and they like you back you get into a relationship but you loose all feelings for them?
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If it's a relationship with sexual meaning, it means they find you attractive but you have 'fallen out of love' with them (and that often happens after a short time if you see as aspect of their personality that stops those loved up feelings) - Sometimes it is when the intense 'honey moon' phase is over. The 'in love' phase usually never returns. Walk away this relationship is not for you.

If it's a non sexual friendship relationship work out what has happened to change your perception of the other person? (something they did, rumours, habits etc) Are you feeling depressed and down? (get some help to come back out of that) Talk about it with your friend explain how your mood is and then see how you both feel.
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What I mean is you fancy that person and they fancy you back but as soon as you get into a relationship you loose feelings for the person straight away what does it mean?

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