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I need help

Im currently in my second year of sixthform and i was studying alevel maths and an extended diploma in applied science. I was forced to do applied science because my parents solely believe that i can only be success through a carrerr related to healthcare/mediciene etc. However i underachieved with my science gcse’s and couldnt do alevel bio & chem. Unfortunately i failed the first year of applied science due to my course work not being up to par. Should i retake the year or choose alevels instead? Im losing another anyway
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Hi Reqieum,

Parents always think for the betterment of their children and they want you to succeed in a way they chose the best for you. Don't give up at the moment you have a chance to groom yourself in your result by my guidance to make your medical papers more better in the near future and your courses will also be up to the par. I also send you the guide.

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