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Don't Forget the Commuters!

Hi guys!

With the new academic year about to start back up, everyone will be getting ready to move away for the first time or move back to university.

However, people tend to neglect those who do not live on campus and commute each week!

Being a student who stayed at home and commuted, I felt apprehensive that I would not get the full 'university experience'.

So, if you are a who student who commutes or did commute to university, what are your thoughts and how did you adapt to university life in comparison to those who live on campus?

Estelle :smile:
Graduate Advocate
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I don't know that I did 'adapt', to be honest.

I think people deal with this differently depending on what they think the 'university experience' is, or maybe their perception of what it should be.

I was quite old (mid 20s) so I had friendship groups already, I had local boozers already, I knew the city, and I wasn't preoccupied with making friends because my support networks were already established. This is obviously not the case for students who move away.

So for me there was very little pressure at all and I just ambled about as usual. If I made mates, I made mates. If I didn't, oh well.

Similarly, when I later moved down to Oxford to do a PGCE, I wasn't that concerned about any of this stuff either. I made a few mates down there but literally only still speak to two people from then. I think it's down age and experience.

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