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Take a job while waiting for pre employment check ?

Hi all, I recently received a conditional offer from govt (and said yes to it). I saw from some previous post that the pre employment check took at least 3 months.

Meanwhile I received an another company that gave me an offer and asked me to work next month thereafter.

My preference is govt job indeed better. But is it possible I took up some employment in the pre employment check period ?
Will that affect my pre employment check record ?
Anyone with similar experience pls help!!! Thanks !!🙏
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I would say it should be completely fine. I have had a similar experience in that as I applied to the civil service role I also applied elsewhere. I ended up receiving an offer from the other company and took up the role. This is because the checks and generally the CS takes longer than usual.
I worked at the company for just about 3 months and I received an update from CS essentially saying all checks were completed and I was given a formal contract offer. I then simply handed my notice in and have started my new CS role.

As long as the contract you sign with the other company has clear exit/termination clauses, it should be fine. Usually probation for most jobs is 3 months anyway, and if you have worked for up to 3 months usually the notice period is about a week or two. Therefore, just make sure the notice period is doable, should you attain a formal offer as you don't want to keep the CS waiting and as they might go to another candidate.
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Thank you very much!!! I'm more relieved!!!!

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