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SEVERELY balding at 21

It feels horrible. People give hair for granted when you’re 21… especially girls (rightly). But i’m already a NW3 (without crown thinning).

I’m luckily tall (around 6’3) and pretty fit, but this flaw is a death sentence regarding dating and first impressions. I’m looking for girls’ points of view (be brutally honest) and guys’ experiences.
as a girl i think men’s hair can matter but it’s usually because of how it can affect a man’s confidence, like i wouldn’t be turned off by a bald man if he was confident about it. i think sometimes, even if you can’t help it, insecurities show and can reflect how you present yourself to others. you seem pretty confident about yourself in other regards so my advice would be to embrace the thinning, as cliché as that may sound :smile:
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Embrace it. Be confident. Some women like bald men.
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Wear a wig if you're this insecure.

Why not try;
-Pure Blackseed oil and derma rolling.
-Rice water

Try this out.

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