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Can you be successful with Btecs and other vocational qualifications?

I’ve just been accepted into university to study an academic subject with 2 extended certificates but I find myself feeling insecure routinely about whether or not I’ll be successful or whether I’m prepared for uni and life. It’s obvious to me that they aren’t as considered as a levels (applications to certain unis and the general belief among people that they aren’t on the same level) as well as internationally having little recognition among unis so I do have doubts surrounding my capabilities. Can you be successful with Btec? Am I also being too insecure?
Hi, Don't worry about it,, if they accepted you onto the course then it means your qualifications are "good enough" :smile:

Although "A" levels are the more traditional route to university, there are a number of other accepted ways (including a foundation year; typically for international students whose qualifications may not be officially recognised here)... even amongst those who did A levels, there may still be massive discrepancies in terms of what content is included form different exam boards.

As a result of the above, the idea of the first year is typically to bring everyone up to the same level; i.e. the basic foundations or building blocks to continue on the course. Therefore the "real" work doesn't start until your second year.

In my course (mechanical engineering) there were 3 students who had come via the BTEC route... they all passed (two with 2:1's one with a 2:2)

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