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Do i need physics a level for mechanical engineering?

I chose biology, chemistry and maths a levels in year 12 thinking i wanted to be a vet but i’ve decided since that’s not for me and i want to do mechanical engineering in university because i’m really interested in formula 1. I’ve looked at university courses and a lot of them want physics but the one i really want to go to is bristol which says you need maths and either chemistry or physics so this works for me. However, i don’t know if my chances of getting accepted are low without physics and that they’d chose student with physics over one without so is this a risk? Idk if the fact that i’m a girl might make me more likely to get accepted. Cardiff, Exeter and Swansea would probably be my other options but they are rated much lower for engineering. I had wanted to go to Bath university but physics is a requirement. My teacher told me to consider doing a full physics a level in one year but i think this could be very stressful and cause my other subjects to drop. I got full UMS in my subjects in year 12 so i don’t want to mess that up. What should i do?
There's no shame in looking into foundation years. A lot of unis offer foundation years for STEM subjects for students who couldn't take maths, physics, etc.
You are right in that trying to do an *entire* physics A level in one year would be extremely stressful (especially in Year 13) - considering you are also doing do other sciences and maths. Not to mention physics A level is one of the hardest A levels.
I would focus on your current subjects without trying to take on physics A level in one year, and look into which universities offer foundation degrees. Also, most universities are understanding, they know that a lot of people haven't figured out exactly what they want to do, so don't stress yourself out over taking a slightly unconventional path.
Of course, it's all your choice in the end.
Good luck with your A levels and future endeavors :smile:

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