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I'm creating an ecosystem simulation for my project but I'm not sure who I can get as stakeholders, our teacher said we couldn't use other students or teachers and I've already reached out to ecosystems researcher. So I would need 1 or 2 more, bearing in mind my simulation is meant for education or research. Who else could I get as a stakeholder? Uni Biology student maybe?
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I find it a bit unusual that your teacher isn't allowing you to involve people from your school in your project. In my own project, both of my stakeholders happen to be students from my school. When it comes to finding suitable stakeholders, I'd recommend exploring LinkedIn. I've found that people there are generally quite approachable, and many will likely be open to offering help. You could consider approaching A-level biology students from different schools or even university students. Just remember to ensure that whoever you choose is committed long-term because if you face difficulties in maintaining contact with your stakeholders, it might create some challenges. Good luck with your project!

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