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Help for my psychology personal statement.


As someone who doesn’t do psychology Alevel or any science-y Alevels (apart from sociology but it’s a social science) I was wondering how to bulk out my psychology personal statement?

Does anybody have any recommendations for books, podcasts, videos, articles etc? Or even free online courses?

I don’t even have work experience, bur I do work retail part-time so i need to figure out how to relate that back.

As for extra curricular activities I’ve done book club, public speaking, open days for school, lunch duty for school, singing stuff, I also did a pathways programme with a uni (but it was for humanities??)

For anyone wondering the other two Alevels I take are history and English lit

I just don’t know how to relate a lot of my things to psychology!! Please help if you can.
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Here are some suggestions to bolster your psychology personal statement; emphasize transferable skills from your retail job like communication, leadership skills, teamwork, and problem-solving. Connect book club and public speaking to your interest in understanding human behavior and communication. Mention your pathways program to show your enthusiasm for higher education. Explore introductory psychology books, TED Talks, and online courses to gain foundational knowledge.

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