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When writing my personal statement I was told I need to focus on what sparked my interest into psychology in the first place along with why I want to study it. My reasoning is I’m interested in psychological diagnosis of criminals. I’m somewhat afraid I may be rejected if the course (psychology) isn’t centred around forensic psychology/criminology (or has a module in it at all). But I don’t mind the modules as I need to do a regular psychology course (as those ones are BPS accredited) and then a masters in my preferred area of psychology. (Also may change my mind, so a broad psychology course would help with this). Should I talk about a more vague concept like mental health/child psychology in my personal statement instead?

- Any help would be much appreciated as I have to apply tommorow :smile:
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Even if this is your interest, you need to use more than one discussion topic in your PS.

And the bigger point to think about is - that you really do have to think about more than just 'I want to do criminal psychology' - because to understand that, and to work in this area, you have to have knowledge of so many different influences and psychological conditions. You cannot do 'forensic' work unless you know what else you are looking at.

Have a listen to some these 'All in the Mind' podcasts and choose a couple of different ideas/theories/topics - BBC Radio 4 - All in the Mind - Available now
Also useful are these online Uni courses like these
Psychology and Mental Health - Online Course - FutureLearn
Introduction to Cognitive Psychology - Psychology Course - FutureLearn
Using Harm Reduction to Deal with Drug Use - Online Course - FutureLearn

And if none of these interest you, then you might need to rethink 'doing Psychology'.

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