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Speech & Language Therapy 2024

Hi everyone,
I'm wanting to get on a SaLT course (MSc preferably) and have been building up experience as much as possible. I'm currently working as a Children's & Families Support Worker and although, there are aspects of the job which require speech and language knowledge (I teach the babbling babies/ building blocks for language courses) a lot of it is linked more to social services and dealing with mental health. I'm worried that this will put off Universities due to lack of direct link to the subject. Anyone from a HE institution help me out? I'm based in NE England/ North Yorks.
I've got other experience too e.g. former MFL teacher in secondary but got primary experience also, volunteered with Dyscover, shadowed local NHS SaLT teams.

Would I be likely to get an interview at least, based on this experience and how likely is it I would get a place based on this alone?

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