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I am still considering a course in biomedical science, but I have recently discovered that career-wise it may not be conducive. I would be grateful if any student, graduate, or expert in this science could help.
Based on my findings, once one becomes a biomedical scientist after registration with the HCPC, promotion is dependent on the management of the trust that is employed. I learned that if your trust doesn't advertise for a band higher than your current one, you either have to wait or move to another trust for chances at promotion in your career. Medicine, on the other hand, guarantees a consultancy after residency, so an application for promotion is not necessary, and you are spared from waiting or moving between trusts.
I would like to hear from biomedical scientists about this and if there are any other difficulties they have encountered in their career journey.
With any role in the NHS, you can't just be promoted as each job level is set. You need to wait for a vacancy to come up and then apply for it. How long that takes depends on the department size / culture of the area (some places people stay a long time, some there is a high turnover and lots of things impact this). So yes, if there isn't one in your Trust you'd need to move. And moving Trusts is the quickest way to progress.

I will add that with medicine, if anyone told you that you don't need to move Trusts that just isn't true. Medics move every 6 months throughout their training and that takes years. You also don't automatically become a consultant, you need to find an available post. There aren't enough consultants in the NHS so it's easier to find one, but no guarantee it would be in the same place.

(My experience - 17 years in the NHS, no longer than 4 years in any one post).

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