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Working during third year

I am currently in my first week of my final year at university. For some context, I study history and so there is only about 8-10 hours of in person teaching per week. However you are expected to do around 10 hours of work per module in a week. I am currently averaging a high 2:1 bordering on a 1st l.

I am also working a part time job alongside my degree where I work about 15 hours a week (usually one 5 hour shift on a weeknight and then Saturday and Sunday).

Do you think it is wise to keep working this job during term time or should I quit. I enjoy the social side of my job (I work with people around my age) and so I would miss out on that if I left but i understand that this year at uni is important and that most of my energy should go toward doing well in it.

My other option would be to work through my first semester and then go on seasonal (only working on holidays) in the new year (when the work at uni will ramp up thanks to dissertation being due and exams)

Did anyone else have a job in third year and if so did it negatively impact your grades. Any advice is appreciated here :smile:

Have you ever felt overwhelmed due to the amounts of school work and your job responsabilities throughout the other two years of university?

It sounds like you are enjoying your job while studying your course, so it would be a shame to leave it. However, your education and degree should be your priority so if you ever feel like you can't handle both, it is best if you solely focus on your university.

It's definitely a great idea to switch to season work once the 2nd semester starts. But if you feel like that's not enough, perhaps your jobs would let you work once a week instead of just on holidays?

If you're feeling confident about your university schedule combined with your workload, there's no need to change it. If anything, classes just started, look into how you're feeling with both university and working 15 hours a week, and then decide.

I hope I managed to help!

Best of luck,

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