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Changing college last minute

I made a mistake and I want to transfer to a different college, I have already secured my spot at a college but I am not happy with my decision. I just finished year 11 and I want to transfer to a different college before I start year 12.
What steps should I take to get this done? I plan on waiting for results day and then calling the college I want to go to, or should I call now? What should I do?

I already asked this question but I feel like I choose the wrong forum and only got one response so I am asking again.
I was in a Similar situation, personally I would recommend calling now and explaining your situation and how you believe the college you're calling would be a better for for you as the college will them usually put you in for late entry/enrollment and if the college decides there is enough space for you then you should be accepted into the college before the start of year 12. Goodluck, I hope this helps!
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I emailed them asking and they just said they don’t accept late applicants. I’m not sure if calling would be different.

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