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Canadian studying MPharm in UK - returning to Ontario

Hi I am in my 4th and final year of the MPharm in the UK. Once I graduate in June, my plan is to start my application to the licensing authority in Ontario.

I will not be doing the pre-reg/training year in the UK that students do after graduation to get their license. I will go straight to Ontario with the MPharm degree. From what I have researched this is acceptable - but I just want confirmation:

Will I be able to get licensed (granted I pass all the exams) in Ontario with an MPharm, even if I am not a registered pharmacist in the UK?

Additional info: I am Canadian and have prior work experience as a pharmacy assistant in Ontario.
Honestly, this is probably not something people on this forum will know. TSR mainly focuses on UK courses and UK careers related matters.

This is a very specific question and since it involves licensing and/or board registration for a healthcare profession, you really are probably best off reaching out to the relevant licensing board directly to make sure you have the right answer!

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