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i’m lost on what to do

hi im a gap year student and i just really need some advice on what i should do, and i need to send off my application by tomorrow max as the deadline is soon.

i really want to study medicine buy today but my stats are terrible
in gcses i got; 3 8s, 2 7s, 26s and 2 5s
my ucat is 2490 B2
my current achieved grades for alevel is ABC, (c in chem ): )
^ im resitting the 2 and can be predicted AAA
i think my personal statement is decent & i have ongoing volunteering at 2 places & 2 week work exp & contextual/ possibly mitigating circumstances? not really sure

do i have any shot at all for london unis, i’ve done a **** ton of research but i’m still unsure
i was thinking of kings extended medical degree (this would be a huge stretch but it my dream uni & i would really prefer a closer to london uni ),
Plymouth foundation , foundation southampton? and the other 2 grad entry biomed routes, although i think id hate to go down that route.

i don’t know if i should bother with 5 year courses since my ucat is so bad and the foundation years might be a bit more lenient ?

if anyone has any sort of advice id really appreciate it.
Post your stats on this thread to get some useful advice
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Original post by hameedah:)
Post your stats on this thread to get some useful advice

thank you

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