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How important is a university's Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) rating to you?

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How important is a univerity's Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) rating to you?

I've never heard of it74%
It's not something I will look into5%
It's the most important to me and will decide where I apply2%
I'd consider it, but it won't affect my final decisions14%
I don't think that it matters4%
Something else - let us know in the comments1%
Total votes: 233
Hey there! :hello:

In an era where higher education options are plentiful, the TEF (Teaching Excellence Framework) rating has emerged as a key indicator of an institution's 'teaching quality', student experience, and student outcomes.

But just how important is it to you when narrowing down the universities you apply to and how high does it rank when it comes to making your final decision? :confused:
Let us know your thoughts in the poll and share some insights below :albertein:
Durham has recently been downgraded to silver.

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