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I’ve just received my predicted and I’ve got AAB. What are good universities that offer Law degrees that I could apply for?
Original post by SNY2006
I’ve just received my predicted and I’ve got AAB. What are good universities that offer Law degrees that I could apply for?

Hi @SNY2006

Firstly, congratulations on your predicted grades! The University of Law is the biggest producer of qualified lawyers in the UK and has excellent alumni connections. I have also found whilst studying here, that there is a really strong employability team which means that there is a focus on your future career right from the beginning of your studies and an aim to make sure that your CV is ready for applications by the time that you graduate. To study on the 3 year LLB at ULaw you just need BBB in any A Levels (or equivalent) and need to have passed Maths and English GCSE. If you want to do the Accelerated LLB which is the same course but in 2 years then you need ABB and to have passed Maths and English GCSE.

I hope this helps and good luck!

Sophie 🙂
Hi there,

I recommend Coventry University, Aston University, University of Law (Birmingham Campus).

I'm a student at Coventry University and so I would like give you overview of my experience at this uni and why I highly recommend you to study here.
Two of the main reasons would be because of the global opportunities and teaching excellency.
The international experiences at this university is exceptional, allowing students to work abroad for a year or during the summer, go on field trips abroad, and even study at one of Coventry University's global academic partners. On top of all this, Coventry University has a Turing scheme, where they will support students financially when they study or work abroad.
Another fantastic aspect of Coventry University, which I can also vouch for, is its teaching excellence. Coventry University has been awarded Gold rating in Teaching Excellence Framework. This is particularly evident in the law school, since I'm a law student. For example, if I have been achieving 2:2 throughout my first year, yet would like to improve my grades and try to achieve a 2:1 or even a 1st, I can have a 1 to 1 meeting with my module tutor, who will identify my flaws and help me figure out how I can pursue that 1st in my coursework that I am desperately yearning for.
Another amazing thing about the teaching is that majority of the lectures are recorded and uploaded on to a digital learning platform called Aula. This is particularly helpful for me because I commute to uni on the train and so, if I don't attend a lecture, because the train was cancelled or delayed, I can access the lecture online, in my free time and catch up with the work.
In terms teaching, we usually only have 1 lecture per module and a workshop that lasts for 2 hours. So the lecture will have all the students attending it where as the workshop will have around 30 students or under attending. The idea of a workshop is to give that classroom environment allowing students to engage more with the lecturer and their peers.

I can go on and on about my experience at Coventry University and the amazing opportunities offered here, however if I did, I would be here forever. I recommend attending our next day, if you would like to gain more insight regarding our course. I have also provided you some links you can access below regarding our Turing scheme, our partnership with other universities, global opportunities, a list of courses we offer and also a link to our next open day.

Turing scheme: The Turing Scheme | Coventry University
Global academic partners: Collaborative partners | Coventry University
Global opportunities: Global Ready: Become a Global Graduate with Coventry University | Coventry University
Courses: Search | Coventry University
Open day: Undergraduate Open Days | Coventry University

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,
Coventry University Student Ambassador

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