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AQA Media Studies Exam Structure (Help Needed!)

I've been struggling for a while with my exam structure, especially for the big mark questions (20-25). Is there a structure I should know and follow for these types of questions? Also, how many paragraphs and length of conclusion should a level 5 answer be (or am I asking for too much)?
I've always been told to write my essays in a PETAL structure. P is your point (e.g. the representation of women may be interpreted as empowering by a modern audience) and then E is your evidence from the media text (e.g. This is shown by the use of clothing within the central image of the woman). T is then Theory or can be Technique (camera angles etc.) but theory is a stronger one to use. A is then your analysis which should be detailed and use media terminology. Finally L is link which you don't necessarily need but is useful as it kinda acts as a way to sum your point up and can be used either to link back to the question or to link your response to context (historical, cultural etc.).
I'm unsure about the amount of paragraphs needed or how to write a conclusion (I haven't been told conclusions are needed but I do have a different exam board) but my teacher always says quality is better than quantity so as long as you write like 2 or 3 good quality paragraphs, you should be fine. Hope this helps!

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