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Cambridg for medicine

I have always loved cambridge and its campus , it is my dream to attend my medical courses in Cambridge.
But I don't know if it is realistic that I can ever attend there, I , myself takes studies very seriously especially for the dreams for my immigrant parents.

i haven't given my gcse's yet , I go to an catholic school .
what might be the chance of me getting in?
How are we supposed to be able to give you any advice? All you've told us is that you go to a Catholic school, which shouldn't make any real difference. The only other thing you have said is "especially for the dreams for my immigrant parents" which is not a good sign. Pleasing your parents should not be your primary motivation for any course.
For med you should really apply to choices in line with your profile.

It’s too early to think about where that might be. Study hard, that’s the first step.

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