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Visiting Cambridge

Our son who is in Y12 is interested in visiting Cambridge. I was busy during the open days (it would have helped if they kept at least a day on the weekend like Imperial) so he missed it and next years one looks ages away.

For us Cambridge is quite convenient to get to (less than an hour away), and in the worst case we can see this as a good day out, but is there a point in visiting on Saturdays - outside of an open day? He is interested in Computer Science and ideally would want to visit Gates building. Would there be anyone around, can we see the place, talk to someone?

He hasn't decided on a college to apply to, so would also help if people can recommend any college(s) we can aim to go to and/or there is a chance of guided tour?
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You can't generally visit the inside of the academic buildings, but you can walk around them. The Colleges are mainly open any time, though some of the central ones charge. Just go up to the pOrters, explain your child is thinking of applying, and ask to walk around. I doubt there will be guided tours available, but you could ask passers by in a college questions. The Gates is unlikely to be open on a Saturday without a Uni card, but you can see a lot from the outside - it's just a modern red-brick space.
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Departments aren't normally outside of the July open days. The odd one might do a departmental open day in the spring but CS isn't one of them to my knowledge.

Some colleges will do a college open day at different points in the year. Doesn't necessarily mean that you want to or will apply to them but can be helpful understanding Cambridge better. I know Christ's has one this month and in February who do subject meetings so he could at least speak with a computer scientist, and I have seen Trinity Hall do one in the spring before.
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Thank you @threeportdrift. We may just go this weekend and see if any colleges are open.

Thank you @Paralove reg. Christ's open day - I've now booked the online open day option, they do have an in-person option which is on 27th October but that doesn't work for us. I'll keep an eye for the others though.

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