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Official Halloween Hub 2023

It's almost the end of October, which means it's almost time for Halloween and the clock change :jacko: :party:

Here on TSR we've got lots of content to keep you occupied to get you in the spirit of spooky season :thumbsup:

This hub will have links to all our spooky threads, competitions, and games :yep:

How many :jacko: can we post before Halloween 2023?
Halloween colouring competition 2023
Write a scary poem
Scare AJ!

Halloween Games
Halloween hurt/heal game

Entertainment/Food/Other Halloween related content :woo: :jacko:
Are you celebrating/do you celebrate Halloween?
Post your Halloween playlist!
Pumpkin spice, yay or nay?
Do you like horror movies?
Have you played any good horror games?
Post your favourite Halloween gifs/memes

More upcoming spooky content coming soon! :jacko:

(edited 1 month ago)
I cannot wait for Halloween, but I gotta focus on my work and studies at college

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