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Stockholm School of Economics 2024 Undergraduate Applicants Official Thread

Welcome to the Stockholm School of Economics/Handelshögskolan i Stockholm 2024 Undergraduate Applicants Official Thread. :biggrin:

Tell us about yourself:
* Desired programme ~
* Programme(s) applying for ~
* A-Levels/Equiv taking ~
* Predicted/Actual A-Levels/Equiv ~
* Admissions exam taking (SAT/ACT/TSA)
* Predicted/Actual Admissions Exam result ~
* Achieved GCSE/Equiv grades ~
* Why SSE? ~
* State/Private/Grammar/Home? ~
* English proficiency? ~
* CV/Resume (Any volunteering? Relevant Experience? Extracurricular?) ~

Who can apply for early bird admission? Only those who have their grades already can apply for early bird admission, if you will be applying VIA predicted grades, you must apply with normal admissions.

Application Process:
1. Apply on first, and then start uploading your documents by October 16th 2023 (Grades, Admissions Test, CV/Resume)
2. (TBA) December 2023 you will find out selection results if you applied with early bird admission [IGNORE IF YOU ARE APPLYING NORMAL]
3. Finish your application in SSE's own portal by January 15th 2024 (However, there's until February 1st to send supporting documents such as your Admissions Test scores)
4. Respond to any SSE requests (Their BSc admissions team will notify you of anything you need to do)
5. An email will be sent out for Digital Interviews on the 15th February 2024 to be done in mid-late February 2024 [IGNORE IF YOU ARE APPLYING EARLY BIRD, YOUR INTERVIEW IS IN NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2023]
6. Accept your offer from SSE, these will be sent out in early April 2024 and you must respond by May 2024 [IF YOU APPLY EARLY BIRD, YOU GET YOUR OFFER IN DECEMBER 2023 AND HAVE UNTIL FEBRUARY TO RESPOND]
- For more information/have this more detailed, please visit the application requirements section

Useful links:

Official website:

SSE Application requirements & timeline:

SSE's own application portal:

BSc Content Hub (Content by SSE for actual/prospective Bachelor students):

Sign up for Virtual Open Day:

Tuition fees & scholarship info:

Personal statement bank:

Swedish Bachelor Application Requirements (Per Country):

Harvard's Advice on Resume Writing:

Notice Board:
- You can still sign up for the International Virtual open day, which is running on 5th October 2023 and 7th December 2023 (Find the sign-up in the links section)
- Tuition is free for any EU/EEA/Swiss citizens. For non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens, it will cost 120,000 SEK per year, however, scholarships are available. (More info in links)

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Good luck to everyone applying :smile:
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I am the creator of this thread, and here are my answers :smile:

Desired Programme: I would really like to study their BSc in Business & Economics, however, I would love to learn a bit more about their BSc in Retail Management
Programmes Applying for: At this moment in time, I want to apply for both BSc Business & Economics and BSc Retail Management, but this will likely change to just BSc Business & Economics
A-Levels: Edexcel Business Studies, OCR Religious Studies, Edexcel English Language
Predicteds: Being in Year 12, our teachers haven't given us our UCAS predicteds yet apart from saying what we are on track to receive (Outdated) and our target grades; ABD (This is definitely going to change) & AAA. Since receiving those predictions I have been working really hard and am now getting grades of A*AB in my exams. I really hope to get at least A*AB but I hope to get it up to an A*A*B or A*A*A.
Admissions test: I am taking the SAT :smile:
Admissions scores: I took the SAT with very little revision & preparation (I prioritised A-Levels since this was during term-time, and had no extra time which I need for my exams) and got an 1150 - not bad. I am retaking the exam this August with the hopes of scoring at least a 1400.
GCSE results: 8 in English Lang, 8 in English Lit, 8 in Religious Studies, Distinction in Level 2 BTEC Business, 6 in Maths, 6 in Drama, 5 in Foundation French, 5-5 in Foundation Science (should've taken higher for French & Science... I was 43 marks above a 5-5 in science and 23 marks above a 5 in french)
Why SSE?: The reason why I chose SSE is because it's free to attend, located in the area of Sweden that my family is from (Takes no longer than an hour to see family members, and is about 20 minutes away from my closest ones), and has a great ethos.
School type: State
English proficiency: I don't need to take an exam luckily haha
CV/Resume: There's quite a lot for this section but to sum it up, I do a lot of tutoring, I have got work experience in PR where I did one in fashion and one in luxury hospitality, I am really involved with my school community (head boy, committees, charity fundraisers, etc.), tons of social media experience (from managing my local church's socials to reaching over 31,000,000 people monthly on Instagram alone), tons of sporting extra curriculars (specifically skiing, equine sports, and street dance), poster boy for the UK's #1 Kids Debit Card (Campaign visible UK, EU, & USA), being a TA in class, organising tons of events (Some charity, some fundraisers, and some for party purposes), and a lot more which I could talk about. This is probably the strongest part of my application that I have ngl

If you have any advice to strengthen my application, please let me know!! I am really open to books that I can read and little things I can do over time

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