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Urgent a level English lit help

Hi guys,

I started my a level English literature Edexcel course 6 weeks after everyone else because I had to change my subject and am struggling.

I got a 9 in GCSE and am doing "Streetcar named desire" and " Hearts of darkness", I have read the books and get streetcar named desire but don't really understand hearts of darkness so had to read summaries about it etc.

I need a A* so what are the best resources you used for it? is spark notes any good? also I heard a lot of your writing should be on context, and based on what critics say etc

I am unsure how I'm meant to get all of it together, I need some help.

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spark notes and lit charts are good for summaries of chapters, themes, motifs, symbols ect.

I studied a streetcar for AS level and there's plenty of context online, as well with critics, there are important but make sure it links to what you're saying, examiners don't like randomly dropped critics and context at the end of your paragraphs. Analysis is important too, everything just needs to be linked together cohesively. First start with themes, then find context, then critics last, I would say. With streetcar being a play, don't forget about the audience, particularly for my exam board they did like links to the audience which links to context.

Read the texts more than once, make sure you understand and if you have to learn quotes start highlighting them, make sure to know your critics and context well, I knew too many people who just made up critics and waffled on context, don't be like them. Good luck.

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