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Did SQA acknowledge making errors this year?/Filing an error to the SQA

Hello, I wont explain in much detail however during the 2023 Higher Computing Exam I noticed an error in the paper. Since then I have gotten held of copies of exam papers issued to centers for the exam as well as the past paper uploaded after the exams by the SQA. This mistake has been fixed in the official uploaded copy on the SQA website but there remains the clear error on the versions issued to centers (the actual exam!.

Does anyone know how I would go about informing the SQA about this/getting them to give a response and apologize or has the SQA already made a statement about this?

it seems a bit scummy them making a mistake like this, realising, secretly fixing it and now telling anyone if thats the case. Especially considering the mistakes they admitted to in the 2016 Nat 5 Computing papers.

Thank you <3

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