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Language investigation??!!

I am doing A-level English language A-level and I have no idea what to do for my language investigation. If anyone has any suggestions or just tips in general I would be very appreciative!
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the weird thing with the language investigation is that it’s so open ended, to figure out mine what i did was create a mindmap of the topics i was interested in (ive attached an example of how it could look) then thought of questions related to these topics, it’s really helpful if you pick a topic you are interested in because it’s a lot of work, and will be 10x work if you find the topic boring. you could try and link it to a hobby/ interest you have, like someone in my class has based there’s around football because they really enjoy it. if you’re stuck for ideas id recommend looking in forums like this for other peoples answers, and also listening to podcasts about language (word of mouth by Michael Rosen is super good for this)
try to make sure the question you create has written/ spoken language about it easily available, for example analysing an interview of a politician is much easier than trying to create an argument about neopronouns, because you have to have some sort of transcript/ text to base it all on
fyi, mine was about newspaper portrayal of Meghan Markle in newspapers, this worked really well for me as there’s tons online about it, and i found her so interesting (esp after watching the Netflix documentary haha)

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