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History A level Essay help

I am currently doing a level history and I’m really struggling on how to structure my answers in a levels. Previously in gcses, we used to do 2 agrees or 1 disagree and vice versa but for a levels are we meant to do only agree for the statement with a twinge of disagreement in the same body of argument? I am so confused because I used the jeon structure with 2 agrees and 1 disagree but let’s just say the mark wasn’t that great….

A essay I have to do is “It was the soviets action that had laid the foundations of the Cold War by 1949” but I am so so so so so confused if the entire essay is meant to be agree with each paragraph having a disagree to show a balanced argument

From my plan, I want to discuss stalins annexation of majority of the eastern bloc, comiform and the Berlin blockade and the nuclear atomic race I will counter argue these points within the separate 4 paragraphs but am I meant to have a whole different paragraph to disagree with the statement like the Marshall plan?
For example, as a new paragraph Whilst the Soviets had detrimental actions that caused the birth of the the Cold War, to an extent the USA were responsible due to the Marshall Plan and Truman Doctrine”.

Also I know it’s a lot but can someone send me their essays preferably on The Cold War or The Tudors so I can annotate it💓💓💓💓

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