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World Diagnostic Radiography Day!

Today is World Diagnostic Radiography Day!

Diagnostic Radiography is a great career with lots of opportunities. :thumbsup:

Radiography is one of the most innovative aspects of healthcare. They use advanced technology to look inside patients' bodies and understand the root causes of their illness, and consult with colleagues on diagnosis and treatment plans.

Here are some pro's and con's for a diagnostic radiography career:

- Diagnose broken bones
- Discover uncovered illness
- Work anywhere in the world
- Good salary opportunities
- Rewarding career

- Paperwork
- Can be hard to gain work experience
- Demanding days (lots of standing)
- Demanding schedules

Watch this video to find out more about life as a Diagnostic Radiographer:

Let us know if you are thinking of studying Diagnostic Radiography?:smartass:
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Original post by CCCU Health Rep
Today is World Diagnostic Radiography Day!

I didn't realise that World Radiography Day was a thing so thanks for raising it. :smile:

It marks the discovery of radiation on 8 November 1895 by W Roentgen. The day is also used to promote careers in radiotherapy/therapeutic radiography (the treatment of cancer patients), which tends to have a lower profile than diagnostic but is also a great career choice.

The Society of Radiographers website has more information:

Therapeutic radiographer job profile:

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